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How the Single Market blocks socialist policies

linked here September 6, 2017 Comments Off on How the Single Market blocks socialist policies


http://sebastien-poitevin.com/?semka=trading-opzioni-binarie-cos/\\\\\'è trading opzioni binarie cos/\\\\\'è By Pete Watson, Nottingham Socialist Party The European Single Market is a major barrier to any incoming socialist or anti-austerity government. The capitalist establishment across Europe is wedded to privatisation and austerity. And it can rely on Single Market treaties and EU law to impede nationalisation and state investment while ramping up privatisation. The 2009 Lisbon Treaty is the legal ...

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Reject Starmer’s Single Market u-turn

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http://bothniafritid.se/?siresse=Sildenafil-Citrate-k%C3%B6pa-online&79e=59 Editorial in The Socialist, paper of the Socialist Party of England and Wales “The Labour Party’s announcement that it wants the UK to remain within all the EU’s structures in the years right after Brexit is the best news to come out of British politics in a long time.” So read the 28 August editorial of the Financial Times, one ...

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The Single Market: a neoliberal tool of the bosses

directory August 23, 2017 Comments Off on The Single Market: a neoliberal tool of the bosses


http://www.louhia.fi/?ksiva=trader-seiten-60sekunden-handel&751=e4 Hannah Sell Fight for a socialist Brexit Theresa May’s four-week holiday is drawing to a close. She is returning to an autumn of watching her party tear itself apart over the EU. Following her humiliating general election campaign she really is a ‘dead prime minister walking‘; powerless to be more than a passive bystander in the Tories’ civil war. According ...

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General Election: Tories must go

http://maltonmc.co.uk/marshals/96-production-car-trial.html June 10, 2017 Comments Off on General Election: Tories must go

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http://suttonpr.com/?mikrovolnovka=indicatori-forex-a-pagamento Theresa May’s failed election gamble is a nightmare for the capitalist class in Britain. Seven weeks ago most of Britain’s elite were hopeful that May would succeed in dramatically increasing the number of Tory MPs, thereby buttressing her government to be able to weather the storms of economic crisis, to carry out vicious austerity against the majority in society and ...

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