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About us


Socialist Party Wales is the Wales arm of the Socialist Party of England and Wales. We have a long and proud record of struggling to defend the interests of working class people and are involved in many campaigns throughout Wales, and support many others internationally.

We are at the forefront of fighting against the austerity onslaught of the Tory government, participating in anti-cuts campaigns throughout Wales and playing a leading role in many trade union branches that are fighting austerity every day.

We have campaigned against austerity in a number of elections since 2010 as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition together with the RMT union and other socialist organisations. We stood 22 candidates in the 2017 Welsh council elections to oppose the right-wing Blairite councils that are cuttings and privatising council services in Wales.

General election

In the general election we supported and helped to campaign for Jeremy Corbyn’s general election policies to deliver anti-austerity and pro-working class policies. Before that, we backed his two campaigns for election as Labour leader – including by our members calling for a vote for him among Labour-affiliated trade unionists.

While there was a chorus from right wing Labour and the media of Jeremy Corbyn being “unelectable”, we consistently argued that he could win on the general election with a bold, socialist, anti-austerity programme.

photo Socialist PartyIt was the toxic opposition of Blairite MPs that was the main obstacle to a Labour victory. The Blairites and their successors with a right-wing, pro-austerity agenda have been the main liability.

In essence the struggle taking place in the Labour Party is about in which classes’ interests it is going to act – the working class and middle class majority in society with little hope for the future, or the top 1%?

The pro-capitalist wing of Labour still dominates the Parliamentary Labour Party and Labour-led councils and it still controls most of the Labour Party machine in Wales.

Labour-led local authorities are implementing savage austerity. The Welsh government has passed on the Tory cut to funding since 2010 and Labour councillors are dutifully wielding the axe, resulting in thousands of lost jobs and destruction of vital local services.

Democratising the Labour Party needs to include:

  • Every Labour MP and council candidate should face mandatory reselection by their local Labour Party membership. This democratic process existed in the past, but was abolished as part of the Blairites’ consolidating their grip on the party.
  • The role of the trade unions in the party should be restored, on a democratic basis so that union delegates genuinely represent the views of their millions of members.
  • Readmit all those socialists who have been expelled and excluded.
  • A return to a federal approach, which would mean allowing political parties that are prepared to sign up to a clear anti-austerity programme, including the Socialist Party, to affiliate to Labour as the Co-op Party still does.


We are opposed to the cuts to the NHS in Wales. We led the campaign against the South Wales Programme of cuts to NHS hospitals by the Welsh government.

We are completely opposed to the cuts in public services being passed onto working class people in Wales and the rest of Europe to pay for the current capitalist crisis caused by the greed of bankers and the super-rich. We support a mass campaign to resist the cuts including workers in the public sector, service users, students and the whole of society affected by them.

We support the struggle of students to resist the increase in university tuition fees and cuts in education and for the restoration of the full Education Maintenance Allowance in Wales.

We fight against student tuition fees and against privatisation of our services. We campaign for better pay, for a cap on rents and for free education.

We campaigned against the war and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and fight for a socialist world free of war and terror.

We campaign to stop the destruction and pollution of our planet and its environment.

We support workers in industrial disputes. Socialist Party Wales members have played leading roles in important disputes, such as the dispute at the Swansea Linamar car parts plant, in the civil service and in councils in Wales.

The Socialist Party has more than twenty members elected onto the major trade union national executives.

For a Welsh parliament

We campaigned in support greater powers for the Welsh Assembly to allow the Welsh working class to elect a government with real powers to nationalise and implement policies in the interests of working people.

We support a socialist Wales as part of a socialist federation of Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland

All our public representatives like MPs and councillors will only accept the average workers’ wage and donate the rest of the bloated wages and expenses back to the workers and socialist movement.


In the June 2009 and May 2014 European elections we were part of the trade union-led No2EU – Yes to Democracy campaign.

In the 23rd June 2016 European Union referendum, the Socialist Party called for a ‘Leave’ vote, because we oppose the “bosses’ club” that the EU is. EU laws make it impossible to re-nationalise privatised industries and imposes austerity on the whole of Europe. The socialist policies that the Socialist Party campaigns for are illegal under EU treaties.

We fight for the interests of ordinary people in Britain and across Europe – which would be for a voluntary, democratic, socialist confederation of Europe.

We oppose the EU from a completely different class standpoint to that of the pro-big business Ukip and the Tory ‘leavers’. That is why we opposed the xenophobic official leave campaigns in the referendum.

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In the 1980s and 90s we were known as the Militant Tendency when we campaigned for the Labour Party to return to its socialist roots and we opposed the formation of New Labour. We led Liverpool City council’s battle for decent housing, jobs and services, and later defeated Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s poll tax which forced her to resign.


The Socialist Party is affiliated to the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) organised in more than 50 countries. In Ireland the Socialist Party has 3 members of the Dail (parliament), in the United States Seattle council member, Kshama Sawant is a leader of Socialist Alternative and in Spain Izquierda Revolucianaria leads Sindicato de Estudiantes, the students union in Spain.

Here is a video of the CWI parties around the world: