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Movement of workers and youth challenges Iranian regime

By P. Daryaban, CWI Sudden large-scale nationwide protests have shaken Iran. Sections of the masses have shown utter defiance of the regime. Youth, facing unemployment estimated to be between 25% and 40%, have particularly been to the fore. The protests, initially against the rise in prices and corruption, almost immediately developed into fighting and clashes with security forces with a mounting ...

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Israel/Palestine: Trump’s Jerusalem ‘capital’ declaration provokes mass outrage

By Shahar Benhorin and Yasha Marmer, Socialist Struggle Movement (CWI) Four Palestinians killed, many hundreds wounded, rockets on Israel’s south, bombardments in the Gaza strip: Trump’s arrogant declaration is already stained with blood. The declaration accepts the demand of the Israeli regime for unilateral recognition of divided and poverty-stricken Jerusalem as only Israel’s capital, and, in fact, recognition of the ...

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Yemen under siege

Far away from mainstream media’s attention, a catalogue of calamities is falling on Yemen. A devastating war, copiously fuelled by the world’s most potent capitalist powers, is subjecting the Yemeni people to enhanced misery, starvation, as well as deadly epidemics. More than 3 million people have been driven from their homes in the last two years. More than 17 million ...

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Iran: Hassan Rouhani re-elected president but deep fault-lines persist

Iran’s presidential election on 19 May saw, as we predicted, Hassan Rouhani was re-elected with 22 million votes, according to the regime’s figures. His conservative rival won around 16 million, while more than 17 million did not vote. All these figures were given by the regime without verification by independent observers. With no independent monitoring of the election, all figures ...

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