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Welsh Campaign4Corbyn needed

Socialist Party Wales is proposing “Campaigns4Corbyn” in as many different parts of Wales as possible.

In Cardiff we would like to immediately establish a “Cardiff4Corbyn” campaign, inviting all individuals and organisations who want to defend Jeremy Corbyn from his right-wing opponents to participate and work together, including current Labour Party members and affiliated trade unions plus Corbyn-supporting unions like the PCS and RMT and other socialists not yet allowed into the Labour Party. We think similar campaigns could be established across Wales.

There is clearly a pressing need for such a campaign, and how effective it could be is shown by the decision of the right wing on Labour’s NEC to ban Constituency Labour Parties from meeting. Brighton and Hove CLP has even been suspended because Corbyn-supporters won elections to the executive. The right wing blocked tens of thousands from voting last time, have disenfranchised over 100,000 new members this time, and have held in place the ban on some socialists from joining Labour. They are terrified that Jeremy’s supporters will unite together and get organised to defend him from the coup. We should ensure that they do not succeed in preventing socialist getting organised for Jeremy to win.

It was a great relief to all of us that the NEC agreed, albeit by a narrow margin, that Jeremy must be included on the ballot paper.But it was an outrage that the NEC manoeuvred to exclude many new Labour Party members and supporters from voting in the leadership election, and has raised the supporters’ fee to a level few on low incomes could afford. We should campaign together to get this decision overturned.

No doubt the right wing media will continue to try and undermine Jeremy Corbyn. With a bold socialist programme and campaign, their opposition will not be decisive – as long as Corbyn’s supporters are organised. We want to help put together demonstrations, protests, rallies and debates every week over the summer to provide an antidote to the poison Murdoch and those like him are pouring out. We think that the unions that support Jeremy Corbyn should urgently organise a conference open to all who support Jeremy Corbyn in the trade unions, including those not affiliated to Labour, Labour Party members and socialists outside the Labour Party.

The 172 MPs and 14 NEC members who backed the coup have committed a crime against the labour movement. All our effort since the referendum should have been concentrated on fighting a weak Tory government, split by the referendum result, and demanding a general election to get the Tories out. Instead, so far, they have got away with installing May as prime minister with no mandate from the electorate. Leading figures on the right, including Cameron, Farage, and Gove have been toppled from their positions. The Tories have only survived because of the sabotage of right wing Labour MPs. That cannot be repeated. We hope that defeating the coup against Corbyn is the opening round of a battle to deselect right-wing MPs and bring in mandatory reselection so that all representatives have to justify themselves to their members.

Jeremy’s victory has been powered by the movement against Tory austerity and the capitalist status quo: more and more people are getting up off their knees, as the strikes by National Museum of Wales workers, university lecturers and the workers at the RF Brookes factory have shown. Just a week ago, hundreds gathered at a Black Lives Matters protest. People are angry and willing to fight back against exploitation and injustice. We’re committed to building a party that fights for working-class people, opposes austerity, racism and war and we’ll support any step towards that.

We believe Jeremy’s victory is a very important step in that direction and we hope it opens the door to returned Labour to its roots as a federal organisation (to which we would be interested in affiliating), committed to a socialist programme, with power given to workers’ organisations like the trade unions and full workers’ democracy, including the freedom to discuss ideas, debate and organise the supporters of different trends to convince the rest of the party.

Socialist Party Wales is proposing organising a meeting to discuss setting up a Cardiff4Corbyn campaign, with a view to discussing an initial public meeting as soon as possible given the urgency.