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Corbyn swings Wales to Labour

There were a lot of red faces among the political establishment in Wales on 9 June. Before the election there was a universal prediction that Jeremy Corbyn would deliver a win for the Tories in Wales – from pundits, journalists, pollsters and even the chair of Welsh Labour. But they were all confounded by an even bigger swing to Labour ...

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Rhodri Morgan dies aged 77

The death of Rhodri Morgan, the ex-First Minister of Wales, has been met with shock and not a little sadness amongst working people in Wales. ‘Rhodri’ was known affectionately simply by his first name as the affable and eccentric First Minister who led the development of the Welsh Assembly and effectively the first Welsh government. More significantly he was the ...

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What does the Diamond Review mean for Welsh Students?

Ben Golightly, Swansea University Socialist Students The Welsh Government commissioned the Diamond Review in 2013 to look at higher education funding and student finance for Welsh students (a student ordinarily resident in Wales). The recommendations will mean Welsh students being charged full £9,000 tuition fees for the first time, receiving less funding overall, and paying more for their education. The ...

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Welsh budget: Labour government implements Tory cuts

By Dave Reid (Secretary, Socialist Party Wales) The Welsh government’s budget continues Welsh Labour’s policy of meekly passing on the Tories’ public service cuts and inflicting them on some of the most deprived communities in western Europe. The Welsh government is slamming another nail into the coffin of council services. There will be a further cut of 3.5% to council ...

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Welsh Campaign4Corbyn needed

Socialist Party Wales is proposing “Campaigns4Corbyn” in as many different parts of Wales as possible. In Cardiff we would like to immediately establish a “Cardiff4Corbyn” campaign, inviting all individuals and organisations who want to defend Jeremy Corbyn from his right-wing opponents to participate and work together, including current Labour Party members and affiliated trade unions plus Corbyn-supporting unions like the ...

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