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University lecturers out in force across Wales

University lecturers in Wales started their first of 14 days of action with picket lines at Cardiff, Bangor and Aberystwyth universities on Thursday. They were joining colleagues in 58 other universities in the UK striking against huge cuts to lecturers’ pensions by university bosses. While vice-chancellors have voted themselves increases that will give them higher pay than the prime minister, ...

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Tata pension deal accepted

Tata steelworkers have reluctantly accepted a ‘gun to the head’ pension deal which will end their final salary pension scheme and see it being replaced by an inferior defined contribution pension scheme. Union leaders, Tata management, MPs, AMs and the Welsh government all repeated endlessly to the workforce: accept this deal or see the plant close. Union leaders have attempted ...

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Tata worker pensions under threat

How can a buyer be trusted with jobs and communities if they won’t take on workers’ pensions? By Rob Williams, former convenor Swansea Visteon It is becoming increasingly clear from the different bids to take over (or be virtually given) all or part of Tata Steel’s UK operations that none of the potential buyers won’t take on the £15 billion ...

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