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Is Welsh Labour Turning Blue?

By Dave Reid In 2003 Rhodri Morgan Welsh Labour First Minister proclaimed that his government was creating “clear red water” between it and Blair’s New Labour government in Westminster. The Welsh Labour brand was launched as a distinct banner from Blairism or ‘British’ Labour. Welsh Labour in government was charting its own course distinct from New Labour. Proponents of the ...

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Turmoil to the left and to the right across Europe

The Committee For A Workers International (to which the Socialist Party is affiliated) held the annual meeting of its International Executive Committee earlier this month. This is Matt Dobson’s report of the discussion on European Perspectives: The CWI IEC discussion on Europe reflected the political instability and upheaval seen this year across the continent. Tony Saunois from the International Secretariat ...

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Socialists must back Catalan struggle for self-determination

Editorial from The Socialist by Tony Saunois (Committee For A Workers International – CWI) The dramatic events that have shaken Catalonia and the Spanish state have national and international implications. The decision of the Spanish government – led by the right-wing PP government under Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy – to implement Article 155 of the constitution and end the autonomy ...

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We Stand With Catalonia

Articles from The Socialist and from Izquierda Revolucionaria For a socialist republic of Catalonia! The workers can finish what Puigdemont won’t!   As this article is being written, a session of the Catalan parliament is underway in which, while thousands of ordinary people amassed outside, Catalan president Puigdemont asked politicians to agree ‘suspending’ a declaration of independence for Catalonia for ...

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Spain/Catalonia: Students’ strike called against state repression

Statement from the Sindicato de Estudiantes · Estado Español [Students Union] Defeat the PP government’s ‘Francoist’ offensive against Catalonia! Every student fight to defend democratic rights! Organise meetings, strikes and demonstrations! The Partido Popular (People’s Party/PP) and the State apparatus, heir of the Franco dictatorship, launched a repressive and unprecedented crackdown on the democratic rights of the Catalan people. Orders ...

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Massacre in Barcelona

Solidarity with the victims! Down with terrorism and imperialist war! Their wars; our dead! On 17 August, a brutal terrorist attack on Las Ramblas in Barcelona saw a van drive more than half a kilometre, running over hundreds of people in its path. The tragic result of this attack was the death of 13 people, with more than 100 injured ...

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