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Historic victory for social progress: Landslide vote to repeal Ireland’s abortion laws

Statement by Solidarity TDs and Socialist Party members, Ruth Coppinger, Paul Murphy and Mick Barry The dramatic and clear-cut ‘Yes’ in the referendum is a political earthquake and turning point for Ireland. It is a huge victory, particularly for women in Ireland, who have thrown off the oppression of the 8th Amendment after 35 years. No delay can now be ...

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Turmoil to the left and to the right across Europe

The Committee For A Workers International (to which the Socialist Party is affiliated) held the annual meeting of its International Executive Committee earlier this month. This is Matt Dobson’s report of the discussion on European Perspectives: The CWI IEC discussion on Europe reflected the political instability and upheaval seen this year across the continent. Tony Saunois from the International Secretariat ...

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Ireland: Socialist Party members play key role in landmark abortion rights decision

By Ruth Coppinger, Socialist Party member and Solidarity TD (member of parliament)   In a landmark decision in Ireland, a special parliamentary committee has recommended unrestricted access to abortion up to 12 weeks – a measure that would cater for 92% of all abortions. A referendum to lift the 8th Amendment abortion ban and for abortion to be legalised for ...

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Weakened Tories forced into Northern Ireland abortion u-turn

Thursday 29 June 2017 saw a significant step forward for women in Northern Ireland (NI). Funding to cover the financial costs for them to access abortions in England was pledged by the Tory minority government. The Tories’ ‘supply and confidence’ deal with the ten DUP MPs turned a spotlight on Northern Irish politics. This year marks the 50th anniversary of ...

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Ireland: Jobstown 6 Acquitted!

In a crushing defeat for the Irish political establishment and ruling class, the jury in the #jobstownnotguilty case in Ireland found all 6 defendants not guilty of the “false imprisonment” of former Deputy Prime Minister, Joan Burton, during a spontaneous protest against water charges and austerity in the working class neighbourhood of Jobstown, in Tallaght, South West Dublin. The defendants ...

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