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Swansea takes on Amazon

By Gareth Bromhall (Swansea Trades Council)

Representatives from the GMB Union, along with Swansea Trades Council and members of Swansea Socialist Party Branch gathered at the entrance of the Amazon Fulfilment Centre in Swansea, bright and early at 7am to catch the morning shift on Black Friday, Amazon’s biggest day of the year.

20 of us, with flags, banners and placards made our presence felt. The aim was to recruit and organise workers at Amazon here in the city and to protest the awful reality of pay and conditions under one of the most exploitative employers worldwide.

A steady stream of cars and workers on foot stopped to take leaflets and honked to show support. Similar activity is being held at the site Friday evening and the morning and evening of Cyber Monday as part of a national campaign by the GMB. The mood was markedly enthusiastic and determined in the face of such a powerful adversary. 

The fight in Swansea is part of an international battle against Jeff Bezos, richest man in the world and Amazon who continue to grow and expand, as well continue to exploit its workers. Workers are organising across Europe, in Spain, Germany as well as the U.K., and across the US workers are organising in the warehouses to fight for better conditions.

Socialist Alternative, the CWI affiliate in the USA and their City Councilmember Kshama Sawant have been at the forefront of the Tax Amazon movement in Seattle, and despite the capitulation of the Democratic establishment on the council, the fight against amazon in the city, and in New York where a huge public handout secured another Amazon HQ, Socialists and trade unionists are taking on Amazon and Bezos wherever they are able.