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Solidarity with McDonalds strikers

Gary Johnston BFAWU 1

Cardiff Trades Union Council hosted a very successful rally today in solidarity with McDonalds workers striking for decent pay and against job insecurity and bullying management.

Workers have taken strike action at McDonalds restaurants in London and Cambridge, but as Dave Reid from the Cardiff Trades Council pointed out the campaign for ¬£10 an hour minimum wage is for all low paid workers. While the rich have got significantly wealthier during the crisis workers’ wages have fallen at the fastest rate for 200 years.

Gary Johnston from the Bakers Union (BFAWU) explained what McDonalds workers have to put up with and the BFAWU has organised the workers to fight back. The strike has already forced the company to agree to put workers on fixed-term contracts.

Cal Ellis, from Cardiff Young Socialists, described how young workers are particularly exploited by employers as they attempt to pay rent, living costs and in many case try and pay their way through college and university as well.