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Socialist Students organise in Wales

By Gareth Bromhall (Swansea Socialist Students)

Students from across Wales gathered in Swansea on the 3rd of November for a Socialist Students Wales regional meeting.

Activists from Universities in Swansea, Aberystwyth and Cardiff started the day off with a campaign stall in the City Centre, calling for an end to Universal Credit and demanding a General Election to kick out the Tories.

This was followed by a meeting held at Swansea University, hosted by the society there which was introduced by Socialist Students National Organiser Theo Sharieff.

Over the course of the afternoon the meeting discussed the current political landscape, Brexit, the call for a General Election and contained reports from each local society on their experiences on campus, regular meetings and protest activity.

The meeting also came the day after our Swansea society  President, was elected as a NUS U.K. delegate on our socialist platform, a step forward for our work in Wales.

It was agreed that societies in the region would endeavour to work together more closely when possible and that we should meet again to help to continue to build the student movement in Wales and the reach of our revolutionary ideas.

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