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Photo: Taz Winkler

Combative mood in Cardiff to ‘Kick out the Tories’

Since the general election day, Cardiff has been a city in turmoil. Nothing illustrates it better than the amazing response that Cardiff Socialist Party had during our Saturday stalls and the ‘Kick out the Tories’ demonstration called by Cardiff People’s Assembly.

We set up a big stall in the city centre two hours before the demonstration and the mood was incredible – scores of people, young and old, stopped by to sign our petition calling for May’s resignation.

People were excited and galvanised by Labour’s result in the election but also horrified at the prospect of a Tory-DUP deal. We pointed out that although that seems scary, the government is weak and wobbly and likely to fall at any moment – which will come faster if there is mass mobilisation.

Dozens of people joined the demonstration, where Socialist Party placards were popular and our message and leaflets were readily accepted. There was a combative mood throughout the demonstration, with scores of people of all ages marching along Queen Street with support from bystanders.

The fact that a great number of passers-by, who were not aware of the demonstration, stopped at our stall, signed the petition and discussed with us, with copies of the Socialist selling like hot cakes, shows that there is a mood to stand up to the Tories and their rotten deals, and to support socialist policies.

More than 70 newspapers were sold and more than 10 people expressed interest in joining our party. Saturday showed the effect that the election has had – an earthquake in British society – and that the Socialist Party will be an integral part of the struggle to come.