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The Merthyr Rising of 1831
Geoff Jones describes when the workers' seized power in Merthyr

Wales in 2012
Statement on perspectives for Wales from the 2012 Socialist Party Wales conference.

What Does 2010 Have in Store for Wales?
Statement on perspectives for Wales from the 2010 Socialist Party Wales conference.

North Wales Suffers in the Race to the Bottom
Dylan Roberts shows how North Wales is losing out as a result of the crisis of capitalism.

No to New Welsh Labour
Dave Reid explains how the Labour Party has betrayed working class people in Wales and the rest of Britain.

The Great North Wales Quarry Strikes
Streiciau Enfawr Chwareli'r Gogledd
Iain Dalton analyses the events of 1896 to 1903, and draws out the relevant lessons for the battles of today.

The National Question in Wales
The Marxist position on the right of self-determination for national minorities, and the need to unite workers' struggles across national boundaries.

The Chartist March on Newport
The first armed insurrection of the working class in history.

The Llanelli Railway Riots of 1911
When striking railway workers strike faced Churchill's guns and bayonets

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