Wales prepares for N30

Biggest strike since 1926 to defend pensions

On the picket line

Public sector workers across Wales are preparing for the biggest strike since the general strike of 1926 to defend their pensions against the government's robbery. And a BBC opinion poll indicates 61% support for the strike across Britain as a whole.

For many workers this will be their first strike ever - for example there has not been a national NHS strike since 1982. But also PCS reps who have been involved in industrial action before are reporting record turnouts for tomorrow's picket lines. Most libraries, council offices and the overwhelming majority of schools will be closed. No buses will run in Cardiff or Newport. The TUC march and rally in Cardiff promises to be the biggest trade union demonstration in Wales for 30 years.

The strike is complete confirmation of the Socialist Party's poition for a one day public sector general strike. The strike will rock the government to its boots. But it is unlikely that it will give in immediately. Further action will have to be organised. Indications are that the TUC leadership and more conservative union leaders like Dave Prentis favour selective, rolling action brining out different groups of workers on different days. While the Socialist Party would not oppose selective action more general strike action would be far more effective and unite all public sector workers.

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