Newport lobby of Dussmann UK in solidarity with striking German hospital workers

Management react angrily

Peaceful lobby...

Management reacted angrily as Socialist Party Wales members today lobbied the office of Dussmann in Newport, South Wales as part of a global protest in solidarity with striking low paid workers at the Charite hospital in Berlin.

As the strike enters its eleventh week Socialist Party members delivered a letter of protest from the Wales Shop Stewards Network (attached) signed by prominent trade unionists in South Wales to Dussmann's UK office. Dussmann is the largest private sector company involved in the Charite Facility Management consortium refusing to grant its workers decent pay and conditions and a collective agreement.

The delegation displayed placards exposing Dussmann's role in the dispute, but before they could deliver the letter, the managing director of Dussmann's UK ran out of the building and started ranting at the protesters. He was given the letter but refused to pass on its contents to Dussmann's head office.

...Angry managment

Instead he called the police and started shouting obscenities at the protesters and trying to intimidate them. He attacked trade unions and claimed Dussmann Services UK had nothing to do with Dussmann Services.

The protesters had made their point and left before the police arrived. But Dussmann's attitude to trade unions has been noted and will be passed on to trade unions who will now be able to object to Dussmann being granted contracts with such an anti-trade union attitude.

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