Occupy Cardiff pitches camp at UNITE office

South Wales Police foiled in attempt to prevent peaceful protest

Occupy Cardiff outmanoeuvered both police and capitalist media on Saturday by successfully starting a camp in the grounds of the UNITE offices in Cardiff as part of the global protests against the cuts and capitalism.

On Friday 12 November police armed with tasers and backed up by police horses succeeded in breaking up the camp that had been formed in the grounds of the castle. Six people were arrested at the behest of the "Liberal" council which claimed falsely that damage was being done to the castle.

On Saturday the Occupy movement returned to Cardiff City Centre and after many hours of surveillance and harassment were informed by the police that not only would a camp be disallowed, but even a peaceful march to the statue of Aneurin Bevan. The protesters insisted on protesting at the statue.

Instead the movement set up camp in the grounds of Transport House, the Wales HQ of UNITE the union. The police were powerless to act unless UNITE asked them to. But Andy Richards, regional secretary of UNITE supported the camp: "From our point of view, we know that these people, who are engaged in a peaceful protest are supporting the very campaign that Unite are engaged in and that's fighting the effects of the Tory and Liberal Democrat government in Wales. They are most welcome to camp out on our lawn and can use our facilities for their comfort."

That did not stop Julia McWatt in Wales On Sunday and Wales Online carrying an article entitled "Brave intent but no tents for Occupy Cardiff" claiming there was no camp in Cardiff!

About 20 campaigners are involved in the camp at the moment but it is growing by the day as new tents are pitched. And there is a stream of visits from all over South Wales including from a number of trade unionists.

The camp needs supplies. Supporters are asked to view the wish list and send support. But above all visit the camp and get involved!

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