New Labour in denial about NHS cuts in Wales

Labour MPs and AMs bury their heads in the sand

On the 2nd of September Chris Bryant was in Tonypandy handing out leaflets on the police cuts. One of his councillors handed me one of these leaflets and I looked on the back of it and noticed it was Labour. I turned back around and saw Chris Bryant; I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to confront him about the cuts that have been brutally taking place on the NHS especially in the mental health department that Welsh Labour had voted for.

I told him about my mother’s situation saying that she has had three appointments cancelled by the mental health clinic and that she has to wait till January for an appointment, and doesn’t think this is fair on people with mental health illnesses when the government is making all these cuts.

When I told him this Bryant’s reply was that they are not making any cuts on the health board and no cuts have been made on the NHS. I asked if they can explain why they are they closing St Tydfil’s psychiatric hospital and cutting out nine beds at the Royal Glamorgan psychiatric unit and turning people away. I also said that my mum went to a general mental health board meeting in Ystrad sport and leisure centre, and they even said the government was making cuts even the secretary at the mental health clinic said they were making cuts so he cannot say there are no cuts when they all happening under our noses.

Once he saw us setting up he packed up and left he tried to fob me off by saying there was no cuts but with the experience that we encountered with Chris Bryantin my opinion I think he is a liar and a disgrace.

The following Saturday Newport socialists campaigning against the NHS were amazed when Rosemary Butler, Assembly Member for Newport West and the Assembly’s presiding officer, came up to their campaign stall and said “there are no cuts in Wales”.

She walked off before they could ask her to explain that to the nurses who had been redeployed from Penhow ward in St. Woolos hospital and Ward C7 East in the Royal Gwent. Both wards have been closed as part of the cutbacks that Rosemary and the rest of Welsh Labour are trying to deny even exist.

Elizabeth Saint (Rhondda Cynon Taff Socialist Party) with additional reports by Newport Socialist Party members

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