HMRC workers Strike Against Harrassment and Job Cuts

"They're getting ready to sack workers on the cheap," remarked one picket at Llanishen Tax Office in Cardiff as PCS members began strike action today.

Marching back into the tax office on Thursday

Management are trying to force through changes to the sickness absence policy in preparation for cutting jobs without paying redundancy entitlements.

"They say you're entitled to have time off work if you're ill, but if you do they sack you!" said John, a PCS member who's just began work at the site. "The worst thing is, they're cutting jobs here while there's huge amounts of tax going uncollected. Of the 120billion uncollected and evaded they're not even looking for 30billion of it - it's parked indefinitely and will probably never come in."

The plans would mean that three periods of absence or five days absence in total would mean procedures would begin which eventually lead to dismissal. One rep remarked that a worker could fall ill, be forced to take time off work and be sacked before doctors even have enough time to diagnose a serious illness.

Members were angry at yet another cynical attack by management but they were also upbeat now that collective action was being taken. Members marched back into the office behind the PCS branch banner but the action doesn't end there. Many expressed their willingness to come out for longer than the couple of hours taken over two days in the current action and there was a real sense of anticipation in looking forward to June 30th. PCS is planning a protest march through the centre of town after picketing duties are done.

Contact us for more details on 029 2044 0571.

Ross Saunders

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