TUSC Tour Touches Down in Wales

The approach of the Remain campaign in Wales can be summed up by the spectacle, last Saturday, of Alun Cairns, Tory Secretary of State for Wales, climbing the platform at their rally in Cardiff to speak amongst Labour and Plaid-Cymru representatives - in the shadow of the statue of Aneurin Bevan!

One wit looked up at the back of the statue, visible behind the speakers, and quipped, “At least he’s showing them his arse!”

It could not be more obvious that, on their own strength, the Tory government would not be able to mobilise enough support to win the referendum and keep the UK in the EU – they’re relying on other parties to save their bacon.

Contrast this shabby scene with TUSC’s Cardiff leg of The Socialist Case to Leave the EU tour, which built a united front of speakers from workers organisations who were willing to come together to fight the “Employers’ Union, including Owen Herbert, RMT South West and South Wales Regional Secretary, Paul Embery from Trade Unionists Against The EU and Hannah Sell, Deputy General Secretary of the Socialist Party. The SWP were invited but declined to attend.

Nearly 60 people packed the room in what is likely to be amongst the top-three biggest meetings discussing the EU referendum in Wales. Discussion was lively, as those who attended put to the test the lies and distortions the capitalist press pumps into society. The 1% might have a monopoly on wealth, the media and the armed state, but if we get organised we can shake them off with a shrug of our shoulders. An impressive £150 was raised towards campaign costs.

Ross Saunders

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