Fascists humilated in Swansea

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The National Front organised their annual "White Pride" event in Swansea. Barely 25 fascists from all over the UK huddled in the rain outnumbered by the police protecting them from over 300 anti-fascist protesters until they were escorted by a large police contingent and police horses back down their usual back alley before being escorted out of Swansea.

One particularly wet and bedraggled looking fascist, his face hidden by hood and scarf, held a banner that said "white pride worldwide". It was a ridiculous claim for a supposed international event with such a pathetic turnout. The handful of racist neanderthals who turned up could probably have fit into the stretch limo that drove past at one point.

The facists' tiny turnout made the determination of the police to ensure that they be allowed to hold a rally only the width of a road away from the Swansea Unites celebration of diversity even more bizarre. The festival of diversity had been called to deny the racists the use of Castle Square.

The police committed serious resources to making it possible for the so-called master race to occupy a small patch of wet grass within sight of the Swansea Unites stage. From early morning the area had been fenced off while dozens of police officers, some of them on horses, backed by riot vans, ensured the fascists' safety. The police couldn't save the fascists' embarrassment however as their tiny turnout (there were far more Socialist Party members than the worldwide representatives of white pride) was derided by the hundreds of anti-racists and trade unionists that turned out to oppose them.

A mass movement of young people and trade unionists opposed to the racist ideas of the NF, British Movement and other fascist organisations completely dwarfed an even smaller contingent of neo Nazis than normal.

However there is no room for complacency. While the BNP, NF and other fascist organisations have been forced back in Swansea and also in Liverpool the conditions in capitalist society will always remaining a breeding ground for their perverted ideas. While there are cuts and attacks on the living standards of working people and the promotion of racist ideas in the capitalist media the threat of new violent fascist groups remain. As well as mobilising to smash these groups the labour and trade union movement must provide a fighting alternative to undercut the basis for their support.

That's why the organisation of the multicultural Diverse Swansea festival to counter the fascists, while welcome, is not enough. There cannot be a 'truce' with those politicians who promote cutting living conditions and public services for the purposes of fighting fascism. Lib Dem and pro-austerity politicians are part of the problem that leads to the rise of the far right, yet they were given a platform to promote their party while trade unionists leading the struggle against the cuts were prevented from speaking.

As well as confronting the fascists with a mass mobilisation we need to mobilise the movement to defeat the cuts that drive down living standards.

A half dozen fascists who weren't at the wide pride rally (perhaps to avoid the embarrassment of being associated with anything so pathetic) attempted to disrupt the celebration of diversity. Fists were thrown and the police made arrests. This is a warning to pay serious attention to stewarding future events and take nothing for granted. The main message however to take from the day is that on this showing the fascists should be derided not feared. A determined movement of trade unionists and working class communities in defence of jobs, homes and services can easily cut across the racist division these scum attempt to spread.

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