Protests against benefit sanctions

Stop this cruel Tory punishment of the unemployed

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UNITE Community branches organised protests across Wales today as part of a UK-wide day of action outside 70 job centres to highlight the cruel and vicious sanctions regime against job seekers by the Department of Works and Pensions.

An incredible 17,000 people in Wales have had their benefits stopped for at least a month "Money can be cut for arriving late at the job centre, missing an appointment to go to a funeral or even failing to apply for a job while waiting to start a new job." said Mary Williams from UNITE. Some people have even been sanctioned for attending a job interview instead of attending the job centre - even though they had phoned the job centre to tell them! Yet the DWP laughably claim sanctions "are only ever used as a last resort".

In Tredegar a lively demonstration by 30 protesters certainly made the DWP sit up as UNITE members and campaigners from the Tredegar Unemployed Centre demonstrated outside Tredegar job centre. Katrine Williams brought support from the PCS union members who work in the DWP.

Dave Reid

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