First bedroom tax eviction in Wales

Today a vulnerable family became the first people evicted in Wales as a result of the bedroom tax.

This is despite Labour being in power in the Welsh Assembly and Cardiff Council. Rather than taking the Scottish road and scrapping the bedroom tax and refusing to evict people, Labour have decided to do the Tories' dirty work. Cardiff Council run by Labour have sent bailiffs and police to make a family homeless; another empty house in a city.

Neighbours, anti cuts activists and Socialist Party members turned out in force to defend the property, and police had to arrest one of the protesters to get to the property.

This is a sign that the anti bedroom tax campaigns need to reorganise, and begin a mass campaign to scrap the bedroom tax in Wales. We can't wait another five years while people are put in these situations.

Labour have proved once again to not be a party that defends working class people. A real socialist party would point the way forward to a society where people have the right to housing, and the wealth could be taken off the super rich to ensure jobs and shelter.

Labour have failed to stand up for the people they say they represent. It's up to ordinary workers and tenants to make sure this is the last eviction!

Steffan Bateman

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