NATO out of Newport!

Fund public services not warmongering

Over 60 world leaders met in Newport last week for the NATO summit, angry protesters and a massive security operation joined them.

The leaders of the military wing of western capitalism were protected from the people of South Wales by 12 miles of steal fencing, nearly 10,000 police officers, 25 fighter jets, and even 5 NATO warship. It's estimated that 50,000,000 pounds was spent on the security operation for the delegates, at a time when council services are closing left, right, and centre and workers are losing there pay and jobs. Austerity is wreaking havoc in Wales just like the rest of the world, yet the money was found to put on a luxury banquette for the NATO attendees, including President Obama and Chancellor Merkel. A disgusting spectacle In a city where many rely on food-banks.

The Socialist Party joined the thousands of anti-war and anti-austerity protesters in Newport and Cardiff. Our leaflets and meetings over the week stressed that war is inextricably linked to capitalism. We were loud, lively, and colourful, shouting the need for a socialist society to replace the misery of our war-torn society.

Significantly the summit took place as tensions increase between the western powers, headed by the United States of America, and Russia over the Ukraine crisis. The civil war in Iraq that continues to rip apart the country was also high up on the agenda.

NATO is desperate for a solution to the crisis that its member nations created in Iraq. Islamic State have been built on the religious tensions that were hugely exacerbated by the US invasion. A new bombing campaign against IS in Iraq will only create more carnage, and we oppose the new offensive from the West.

As well as discussing the chaos in Iraq, the summit decided the policy of NATO in relation to Ukraine, which included the creation of a 4,000-strong rapid-reaction force to be deployed within 48 hours of a Russian invasion of a member state. Also, 5 NATO members will supply Ukraine with arms. Despite the ceasefire that was put in place by separatist rebels and the Kiev government this week, the shelling continues. The working class have no friends in a war dictated by billionaires and oligarchs, and a political party that organises unity between ordinary Russians and Ukrainians is desperately needed.

It's clear that the ruling classes of this world have no solution for the economic mess were in. They don't have answers for the sectarian wars ripping apart the Middle East, and their rush too re-arm Ukraine and Israel will only prolong slaughter. The only solution is a society run by us, a socialist society where the energies of humanity are spent on improving living standers, not killing machines.

Steffan Bateman

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