Cardiff Council threatens to break promise on Splott Pool

Now that Splott Pool is poised for demolition Labour backtracks on promise


Cardiff Council has shocked the STAR area (Splott, Tremorfa, Adamsdown and Roath) once again.

Now that they've closed Splott Pool and pinned up a demolition notice, the Labour leaders of the council are refusing to guarantee that a replacement facility will be built for it and the STAR Centre, which is also scheduled for closure.

SOS STAR Area is determined to stop them and hold them to the promise to replace Splott Pool. We stopped them last year when they tried to close the pool, so they came forward with plans to replace the Pool with a new hub which would include a new pool and a replacement for the STAR leisure centre and Splott library.

Under questioning at a council meeting, Councillor Peter Bradbury from Cardiff's ruling Labour Group refused to give assurances that a new building with a pool and other leisure facilities would be built after all. They're conducting a "review" of the project - clearly testing the water to see whether they can get away with breaking more promises.

When the Council tried to close Splott Pool last year, hundreds of campaigners and residents fought the plans. The Council was forced to promise a "state-of-the-art" replacement facility for leisure in the area. Splott Pool would stay open, they said, until "spades were in the ground" to build the new facility.

But then, despite their promises, the Council closed the Pool months if not years before any construction was due to start. They ignored repeated requests by this campaign to meet to discuss how the Pool could be kept open. Now it looks like they're threatening to try and weasel out of the plan altogether.

Cardiff Council has agreed to carry out the brutal cuts that the government is demanding, but they're £5 million short this year. The kids of the STAR area, as well as the other service users, shouldn't be forced to foot the bill.

We are demanding that councillors should stand up for the community and the services in it and fight against cuts, not agree to them. We've got to make it clear to the Council that if they carry out this betrayal, not a single Labour councillor will be left in Splott, Tremorfa, Adamsdown or Roath. Back off from our services.

SOS STAR area public meeting Wednesday 9 July Saint Saviour's Church, Splott Road, Cardiff 7.00 pm

Ross Saunders

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