Global fast food protest hits Cardiff

Youth Fight For Jobs Wales and Bakers Union join protest in 30 countries

Fastfood 15 May

The Youth Fight For Jobs campaign in Cardiff joined a global chain of protest outside McDonalds in Queen Street as part of the May 15 Fast Food Rights campaign with the Bakers Union against low pay and zero hours contracts.

Chanting "Hey McDonalds We’re at your door, Raise your wages - don’t keep us poor" and "Hey McDonalds do us a favour, We want jobs not slave labour!" the protest paraded in front of the store attracting applause and shouts of encouragement from passers by. Dozens of people approached the Youth Fight For Jobs stall to sign our petition against zero hours.

The protest was part of a global protest against McDonalds taking place on May 15 in 150 cities in 30 countries on six continents. Across the world companies like McDonalds use a variety of methods, including zero hour contracts, to hold down wages while making billions in profits. Small wonder that the top 1% are getting richer and richer while the working class have got poorer and poorer, especially in the last five years. In Britain the top 1% now own as much as the bottom 55% combined.

Fastfood 15 May

In the United States McDonald workers went on strike and protest erupted around the rest of the world.

Youth Fight For Jobs member Helen Pattison was interviewed on Channel 4 News, you can see the interview here. Youth Fight For Jobs Wales organiser, Jaime Davies, was interviewed on the BBC World Service with a fast food worker from Pittsburgh. A fast food Youth Fight For Jobs Wales workers was also interviewed for ITV News.

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