Cardiff says no to racism

Hundreds rally to oppose 'White Pride'

A racist "white pride" rally was called off when 200 anti racists occupied a space in front of the national museum in Cardiff. The massive opposition to the divisive rally had been organised only a week in advance and came only a few weeks after the National Front had held a rally in Swansea of 40 fascists.

A wide variety of community groups, trade unionists, and youth supported the anti racist protest in scenes reminiscent of the counter protest to the English Defense League four years ago,

Cardiff once again showed that it doesn't tolerate racism. The racists who are attempting to organise in South Wales want to exploit the huge poverty and desperation of the area, while offering no real solutions to those problems. A UNISON branch secretary in Wales made it clear in a speech on the day that people will only turn to organisations like the National Front and UKIP when they are offered no real alternatives. He called for a vote for TUSC and said that "like the fight against austerity the fight against racism had to be in the streets and on the ballot paper."

To oppose racism we need to say that a society with enough jobs and homes for all is possible, and that the attacks on living standards is coming from the super rich and not from ethnic minorities.

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