Carwyn Jones does a Pontius Pilate for Easter

First Minister no comment on his council freezing pay

The First Minister of Wales has washed his hands of any responsibility for attacks on workers carried out by a Welsh Labour council in his own constituency.

Asked to comment on the deep cuts that Bridgend Council intends to make and the fact that a Labour Council plans to withdraw from national pay bargaining, a spokesman for Carwyn Jones is quoted in Wales Online as saying, "This is entirely a matter for the council."

A Labour Council proposes to unilaterally withdraw from national pay-bargaining in his own constituency and Welsh Labour's foremost political representative thinks it's nothing to do with him!

The only council workers getting the nationally negotiated 1% pay rise in Bridgend would be staff on the bottom two spinal column points of the pay structure, because if they didn't they would be paid less than the national minimum wage!

I'm glad UNISON Cymru is backing our members in Bridgend and calling for a ballot for industrial action if the threat is not immediately withdrawn. But why does our union continue to fund this party and its Pontius Pilate of a First Minister, when it gives proof of its willingness to carry out Con-Dem cuts and attack trade union gains on a weekly basis?

Ronnie Job (UNISON steward in a personal capacity)

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