Cardiff students demonstrate against police brutality

Cardiff protest part of the Cops Off Campus day of action

Protest at Cardiff Uni

To show support to students and protesters who were brutally attacked by the police last week Cardiff students joined the national day of action, on Wednesday, with a demonstration outside Cardiff University.

Nearly 40 students attended the Cops Off Campus protest from two different university's and a local sixth form, to show there anger at the attack on the right to protest.

A letter condemning the violence and demanding that the NUS call a national demonstration was signed by many on the protest including student union officers.

Many attending had already demonstrated against tuition fees and joined lectures and staff on demonstrations and picket lines in the ongoing pay dispute.

Students at Cardiff university can see that there is a fight back in education against cuts and privatization, many throughout the year have come to socialist student meetings and campaigned to build the society.

The society signed up new members at the protests, and had a meeting the same day to discuss the London protests and repression of uprisings internationally.

Steffan Bateman

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