Construction workers demand public sector projects stick to national agreements

Demonstration at Cardiff incinerator site

Protest at Cardiff incinerator

Over 30 construction workers supported by Cardiff Trades Union Council demonstrated at the Cardiff incinerator site against Cnim going outside the NAECCI National agreement (Blue Book). Workers at the site gave a warm welcome in freezing temperatures to protesters at the gate of the site as they went into work.

Meurig Thomas, UNITE Executive Council member for the Construction section, warned that they would be back to put pressure on the company and explained that pressure has to be brought to bear on councils like Cardiff to ensure that contracts were not awarded to contractors like Cnim who refused to abide by the NAECCI national agreement and undermined wages and conditions of construction workers.

As a result of pressure from construction workers and electricians the Welsh government is considering refusing to give contracts only to companies that are not using a blacklist against trade union activists in the industry. This must be widened to include companies that go outside of national agreements and also applied to Welsh local authorities.

Dave Reid

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