South African miners' leader to speak in Cardiff Tuesday 6 November

Hoshoko Letshoba to explain the truth about the miners' strike and the Marikana masacre

Hoshoko Letshoba, from the National Joint Strike Co-ordinating Committee of the South African miners and member of the Democratic Socialist Movement, will be speaking at a meeting organised by Socialist Party Wales and the Committee for a Workers' International in Cardiff on Tuesday 6 November.

Hoshoko has been one of the leaders of a massive movement of 100,000 South African miners who have been striking for a minimum wage of R12,500 a month (£890). The news reports from the last few months will seem familiar to those old enough to remember our own miners' strike - from the brutality of the state forces used against the miners, to the callous indifference of a government which cares only about profit-rates, to the web of lies in the media's propaganda campaign for the bosses. The task of building solidarity with South Africa's miners is urgent.

Nevertheless they have won significant concessions with a 22% pay increase won in some mines.

Read an account of Socialist Party Wales member, Alec Thravesí visit to the South African miners. Hear the full story at the meeting on Tuesday November 6th. It starts at 7.30 pm in the Holiday Inn, Castle Street, Cardiff.

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