Protest against austerity at Olympic opening event

Youth Fight For Jobs protest against corporate tax dodgers as police flood Cardiff

Protesting against big business

The 2012 Olympic games opened in Cardiff and, despite the huge police presence in the city, socialists and anti cuts campaigners were there to oppose the big business jamboree at a time that public services, including grass roots sports, are being cut.

Hundreds of police have flooded the city patrolling the streets to ensure that only Olympic sponsors’ advertising is seen around the ground. A children’s model boat pool, open all week in Queen Street, has been closed down because it doesn’t have permission from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Even the coaches carrying the teams to the Millennium Stadium had the names of their company covered.

Youth Fight For Jobs called the protest together with Cardiff Trades Union Council and Cardiff Against Cuts to register the opposition to this corporate take over of the city and the massive state spending on the games while public services are being shredded including the closure of youth sports clubs in the city.

The protesters carrying placards with "Love Sport, Hate Capitalism" and "What a G4mess" chanted "Panasonic – pay your taxes” a reference to the tax exemption given to Olympic sponsors, and “Where’d the money go – they shipped it off to Monaco" referring to the tax dodges of prominent British business people.

The response of passers by was overwhelmingly supportive. Most took the Youth Fight For Jobs leaflet advertising the Austerity Games in Cardiff on August 4th and many made comments like "Too right" and "Innit!". The protest even got the thumbs up from one of the New Zealand women’s football team competing in the stadium.

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