PCS strikes at EHRC

Strike to stop cuts to the service

PCS members in the Equality and Human Rights Commission were in defiant mood this morning as they set up their picketline outside the Cardiff Offices. 100% of staff are out supporting the half-day action against government plans to cut 72% of the staff, leaving less than 200 nationally. "If the cuts go ahead, it will mean an end to casework - we'll have no contact with any members of the public," said one worker. Members were angry not just at the loss of jobs when employment is so high, but also at the damage done to an important service. "You do this job because you care about issues like discrimination and accessibility. We'd be against the cuts to the EHRC even if we didn't work here," said a worker from the Helpline, which will either be privatised or closed.

There was anger at reports that Margaret Prosser, a member of the EHRC board and former TUC President, had crossed the picketline set up by members in London, and a determination not to let the Coalition run down this important service.

The next step is preparing for the March 28th action against pension cuts (workers shouted "Pensions!" instead of "Cheese" when having their photo taken). Cardiff Trades Council, whose secretary Ramon Corria attended the picketline this morning, is holding a rally on the 20th March to build support for the strike.

Ross Saunders

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