15/06/17 UCU strike at Coleg Y Cymoedd

Unbearable workloads push teaching staff to take action...Read More

13/06/17 Corbyn swings Wales to Labour

Corbyn's left surge refutes right-wing Labour doomsayers...Read More

11/06/17 Combative mood in Cardiff to 'Kick out the Tories'

Demo says 'May Must Go'...Read More

24/05/17 Manchester bombing

Unite against terror, war and racism...Read More

19/05/17 Rhodri Morgan dies aged 77

Architect of "Welsh Labour" brand passes away...Read More

05/05/17 Labour holds in Wales despite cuts councillors

Anti-Corbyn media confounded by poor showing for Tories...Read More

18/04/17 May calls a general election

Defeat the millionaires' Tory government...Read More

14/04/17 Labour right rattled by anti-cuts TUSC in Cardiff

Anti-cuts campaign gets a real echo...Read More

30/03/17 Bridgend Ford overtime stoppage in sourcing dispute

Workers fight back...Read More

28/03/17 Day in the Life of an Arriva Trains Wales passenger

Another reason to re-nationalise rail in Wales...Read More

27/03/17 Day in the Life of an Arriva Trains Wales passenger

...Read More

03/03/17 The fight for a future at Ford, Bridgend

Company document threatens jobs and conditions...Read More

16/02/17 Tata pension deal accepted

'Gun to the head' offer...Read More

15/02/17 Support floods in for the Cardiff No-Cuts Three

Socialists expelled from Labour for calling for no cuts council budget...Read More

13/02/17 Fight to save Llanelli benefits office

Tories cutting jobs in most deprived areas...Read More

25/01/17 Successful and solid one-day strike at ABMU Health Board

Hospital workers strike for equal pay...Read More

24/01/17 Steely opposition growing to Tata pension offer

Suspicion at Tata's 'promises'...Read More

05/01/17 Cardiff council plan more cuts while increasing reserves

Protest against cuts to public services on Febrary 23...Read More

13/12/16 What does the Diamond Review mean for Welsh Students?

Low income students still lose out...Read More

09/12/16 Nationalise Tata Steel to save jobs and pensions

Will Tata renege on jobs like it has on pensions?...Read More

31/10/16 Carmarthenshire UNISON pledged to fight cuts

Oppose cuts whether they come from Westminster or Cardiff...Read More

03/08/16 South Wales NUM supports Jeremy Corbyn

The South Wales NUM has come out in support of Jeremy Corbyn...Read More

22/07/16 Welsh Campaign4Corbyn needed

Welsh Labour leadership works for Smith...Read More

15/07/16 Brookes workers continue the fight against 2Sisters

Workers take action against bullying management...Read More

24/06/16 National Museum Workers Accept Deal

Strike action forces management concessions...Read More

21/06/16 National Museum Workers ballot on offer

Improved compensation but not weekend premiums...Read More

13/06/16 TUSC Tour Touches Down in Wales

Public meeting held in Cardiff...Read More

02/06/16 RF Brookes walk out over pay cut

Rogerstone BFAWU workers take action to defend pay and conditions...Read More

25/05/16 University lecturers strike

Two day strike for fair pay...Read More

11/05/16 Museum workers rally to demand action by the Welsh government

"Where's Carwyn?"...Read More

07/05/16 Welsh Assembly elections - no change and all change

Welsh Labour holds on, Tories lose, but UKIP gains...Read More

06/05/16 Tata worker pensions under threat

How can a buyer be trusted with jobs and communities if they won't take on workers' pensions?...Read More

28/04/16 National Museum strike solid

Workers determined to stand up to management bullying and pay cuts...Read More

02/04/16 Protest demands Nationalise Tata

Movement needed to force the government...Read More

30/03/16 Save Our Steel

Nationalise Tata!...Read More

28/03/16 Young workers excluded from pay rise

Living Wage or Fool's Gold? ...Read More

27/03/16 Museum workers strike to defend pay

Bank Holiday picket lines...Read More

26/03/16 Fascists humilated in Swansea

Fight the far right with socialist policies...Read More

09/03/16 Protests against benefit sanctions

Stop this cruel Tory punishment of the unemployed...Read More

08/03/16 UKIP select right wing Tories to stand for Welsh Assembly elections

Thatcherite selected to represent Merthyr and Ebbw Vale...Read More

07/03/16 Corbyn in Wales

Hundreds turn out to support Jeremy Corbyn...Read More

19/02/16 Children Take Over Cardiff County Hall!

Children Take Over Cardiff County Hall in Protest at Cuts...Read More

12/02/16 'Pro-rape' anti-feminist Roosh V humiliated

Anti-sexism campaigners have humiliated "pro-rape" activist Roosh V....Read More

18/01/16 Nationalise Tata to save Welsh steel jobs!

750 jobs to be slashed in Port Talbot...Read More

14/01/2016 Carmarthenshire UNISON branch demands Plaid steps back from cuts

"Plaid councillors have a choice of whether to vote for cuts or not"...Read More

06/01/2016 Arriva Wales drivers' strike solid

Nationalise rail now!...Read More

04/01/2016 US socialist to speak in Cardiff on Sanders support and Seattle success

Sanders ahead in US polls, Sawant secures re-election...Read More

12/11/15 College staff to stage protests over funding cuts

College staff to stage protests over funding cuts that will "decimate" adult education in Wales...Read More

16/09/15 Review: Iphigenia in Splott

'An angry call for revolt'...Read More

14/09/15 Probation Service staff strike for a pay rise

Workers have had enough after 16% pay cut...Read More

02/09/15 Great support for Cardiff bus strike

"No more lies - give us a rise"...Read More

30/08/15 Swansea workers unite to fight back

RMT and PCS members co-ordinate rally with trades council...Read More

20/08/15 National Museum of Wales strike

PCS members take action against pay cuts...Read More

18/08/15 Plaid council continues Labour/Tory cuts

Carmarthenshire council party change means no change in cuts...Read More

03/08/15 National Museum strike

Museum workers walkout at 15% pay cut...Read More

01/08/15 Campaigners fight for housing action

Welsh government must end the rent rip off...Read More

23/07/15 First bedroom tax eviction in Wales

Today a vulnerable family became the first people evicted in Wales as a result of the bedroom tax. ...Read More

10/07/15 Cardiff teachers strike against ontolerable workloads

Dispute a test case as council attempts to force more from teachers...Read More

10/07/15 First Great Western strike solid

Company losing £34 million a day...Read More

09/07/15 First Great Western strike

RMT takes action to defend safety...Read More

02/07/15 Save EOTAS Swansea

Invaluable support under threat...Read More

26/06/15 NHS Wales in crisis

A crisis of underfunding...Read More

19/06/15 Local Government Reorganisation in Wales means cuts

A serious threat to jobs and council services...Read More

19/06/15 Swansea EOTAS strike

Half of EOTAS jobs threatened...Read More

23/04/15 College workers and students fight Labour cuts

Hundreds protest £30 million cuts to adult education...Read More

30/03/15 Great launch of Swansea TUSC campaign

Lifelong Labour voters looking for left alternative...Read More

30/03/15 Will Welsh Labour be gravediggers of lifelong learning?

50% cut in part time funding...Read More

03/03/15 Protest at 47% pay rise for college principal

UCU Coleg Y Cymoedd lobbies governors...Read More

03/03/15 Protest at 47% pay rise for college principal

UCU Coleg Y Cymoedd lobbies governors...Read More

03/03/15 Tredegar march for the NHS

People's March for the NHS comes to its birthplace...Read More

03/03/15 Chaos in Cardiff Council Labour group as council pass huge cuts

Council services being blitzed as Labour cutters squabble amongst themselves...Read More

25/02/15 TUSC reaches Welsh broadcast threshold

Trade Unionists and Socialist Coalition on course to stand in one third of Welsh seats...Read More

24/02/15 Swansea protests against £80 million council cuts

Labour councillors pass Tory cuts...Read More

22/01/15 Coleg Y Cymoedd UCU protests against 46% pay rise for principal

Redundancies and pay cuts for staff, huge pay hike for college bosses...Read More

19/01/15 Victory for Cardiff City FC supporters

Cardiff City fans have been celebrating the club's return to blue...Read More

10/01/15 Reject 1% FE pay offer call

"F*** all plus 1% is still - f***" all!"...Read More

09/12/14 Stop Parkland school playing fields sell off

School playing fields are not surplus land...Read More

08/12/14 Stand up to UKIP with #TUSC

Main parties no answer to UKIP's Thatcherite policies...Read More

05/12/14 £50 billion of cuts still to come: Osborne's solution deficit

Reject the lie that is austerity...Read More

20/11/14 Fight Cardiff Council's Brutal Cuts

Cardiff Council has announced its latest brutal cuts plans...Read More

29/10/14 Defend the ambulance service from cuts!

Breaking news today is the result of an investigation into the Welsh Ambulance Service...Read More

13/10/14 "The end of public services in Wales"... overseen by Welsh Labour

Swansea Labour to be challenged at Uplands by election...Read More

07/10/14 Andrew Price: Fighter, teacher, party campaigner

23 February 1949 - 3 October 2014...Read More

12/09/14 Cabinet coup but no change in policy from Swansea Labour

Whatever the coup was about in Swansea Council's ruling Labour Group that saw David Phillips replaced by Rob Stewart, we can be sure that it wasn't about politics...Read More

08/09/14 NATO out of Newport!

Fund public services not warmongering...Read More

04/09/14 Fight the Cuts to Leisure Services!

Against the backdrop of up to £120 million of cuts, Cardiff Council is threatening massive cuts to leisure services in the south of Cardiff....Read More

29/08/14 New face, same.. Labour Council Leader resigns

Swansea has woken this morning to the news that Councillor David Phillips has resigned from the position of Labour Group and Council Leader....Read More

22/08/14 NATO's military occupation of Newport and Cardiff

World leaders banqueted as they prepare new wars...Read More

28/07/14 Newport Passport Office strike for jobs and decent pay

Hundreds of jobs lost = Thousands of passports backlogged...Read More

26/07/14 Thousands protest in Cardiff and Swansea against onslaught on Gaza

Outrage at Israeli state terror...Read More

10/07/14 Welsh public services on strike

Over 70,000 join strike over pay, cuts and pensions...Read More

04/07/14 Cardiff Council threatens to break promise on Splott Pool

Now that Splott Pool is poised for demolition Labour backtracks on promise...Read More

30/06/14 Ministry of Justice strike against privatisation

Big turnout at Newport picket line as multinational prepares to outsource work...Read More

25/06/14 Strike for 1% and fight for a living wage!

22% of workers do not receive the living wage in Wales...Read More

18/06/14 'Skeleton service' at the National Museum as PCS strikes

Museum staff strike to defend pay ...Read More

18/06/14 Gross overcrowding at Swansea prison

Criminal corporations raid privatised services...Read More

16/06/14 Rhydyfelin library re-opens!

Victory in the struggle against cuts and austerity...Read More

12/06/14 Rhydyfelin victory! Library to re-open on Monday

Rhydyfelin campaigners show it pays to fight cuts...Read More

05/06/14 Rhydyfelin library court victory

RCT council forced to hold back closure...Read More

02/06/14 Rhydyfelin library occupied by protesters

Community campaigners slam RCT Labour council...Read More

27/05/14 Wales TUC leaders back Welsh Labour cutbacks

"If it wasn't for the Socialists..."...Read More

16/05/14 Global fast food protest hits Cardiff

Youth Fight For Jobs Wales and Bakers Union join protest in 30 countries...Read More

14/05/14 Grwp Gwalia strike to defend pay and conditions

Neath Port Talbot council outsource pay cuts...Read More

14/05/14 Land Registry workers strike to prevent privatisation

"If it ain't broke - why fix it?"...Read More

04/05/14 Welsh May Day celebrations of workers' struggles

"May Day, Our Day!"...Read More

30/04/14 Cardiff says no to racism

Hundreds rally to oppose 'White Pride'...Read More

29/04/14 Fighting library cuts in the Vale of Glamorgan

Vale Labour council closing four libraries...Read More

24/04/14 Bridgend council workers to ballot for strike action

Fight back against Labour council's walk out from national pay agreement...Read More

16/04/14 Support No2EU - Yes to Workers Rights in the European elections

Trade Unions should break support for Labour...Read More

14/04/14 Carwyn Jones does a Pontius Pilate for Easter

First Minister no comment on his council freezing pay...Read More

13/04/14 Let down by Welsh Labour

Bridgend Labour Council withdraws from national pay-bargaining...Read More

05/04/14 Nazis seen off in Swansea

National Front thwarted despite confusion sewn by UAF leadership...Read More

03/04/14 Visteon pensioners win financial offer from Ford

Swansea workers to meet next Tuesday 7.30 pm...Read More

27/03/14 Victory for Carmarthenshire UNISON in union secondments battle

Anti union Labour council backs down in attack on union rights...Read More

26/03/2014 NUT strike effects closes hundreds of Welsh schools

Build the action with all Welsh teaching unions...Read More

25/03/14 Welsh Labour scuppers zero hour ban

Labour votes with the Tories at the Senedd against a ban on zero hour contracts...Read More

14/03/14 Carmarthenshire UNISON AGM prepares for action

Anger at Labour council's double standards...Read More

26/02/14 Powys Uncut! Report of Lobby of Powys County Council

A vocal and colourful lobby of the County Council's budget meeting resulted in two major climbdowns from the council...Read More

24/02/14 What's the point in New Labour?

11 Labour councils in Wales have voted for or are in the process of voting through vicious cuts to jobs and services...Read More

21/02/14 Fighting the Cuts in Swansea and West Wales

Socialists and trade unionists lobbied Swansea's Labour council on Tuesday evening...Read More

17/02/14 Socialist Party Wales Conference 2014

Around fifty Socialist Party Wales members held a very successful annual conference in Cardiff...Read More

02/02/14 A waste of a Friday evening

Listening to politicians from four parties that support cuts...Read More

22/01/14 Powys Uncut meeting against council cuts

Over eighty people from all over Powys met in Llandrindod on a very wet night to organise opposition to the proposed cuts...Read More

11/12/13 Swansea Labour council prepares £45 million of Tory cuts

Swansea councillors: which side are you on?...Read More

11/12/13 Cardiff students demonstrate against police brutality

Cardiff protest part of the Cops Off Campus day of action...Read More

04/12/13 School education in Wales braces itself for more cuts and attacks after PISA survey

PISA results seized on by governments to distort the real picture...Read More

26/11/13 Panorama exposes exploitation at Swansea Amazon

Tax dodging company exploits workers...Read More

24/11/13 TUSC by election campaigns hit Splott and Riverside

Big support for resisting the cuts...Read More

29/10/13 South African workers' leader to speak in Cardiff

Mametlwe Sebei, leader of miners' strikes at Marikana, to address Socialist Party meeting on November 6...Read More

25/10/13 Socialist UNISON members call for a fight to resist Welsh council cuts

Extracts from a statement from 'Socialist Party Wales' members in UNISON...Read More

23/10/13 New history of the Welsh working class launched

'Land of Whose Fathers' by Geoff Jones launched in Llanelli...Read More

20/10/13 Welsh government continues attacks on education

£65 million cut from further and higher education...Read More

16/10/13 Is Workfare Coming to Morrisons?

Morrison's 3 day tasters" leave a nasty taste in the mouth...Read More

14/10/13 Welsh council union branch fights cuts and job losses

Carmarthenshire UNISON calls on council to resist the cuts...Read More

05/10/13 Newport rises against corporate vandals

Protest against destruction of Chartist mural...Read More

05/10/13 Defend benefits protests

100 demand an end to the victimisation of benefit claimants...Read More

05/10/13 Pro choice protest in Cardiff

Campaigners gather to defend a woman's right to choose...Read More

04/10/13 NHS Wales close to meltdown

Health service in Wales put under pressure by spending cuts...Read More

02/010/13 The Xmas Amazon Jungle

Working for the tax dodgers in Swansea...Read More

25/09/13 Fire-fighters walk out across Wales

FBU members determined to defend pensions...Read More

01/09/13 A cautionary tale for workers offered shares for employment rights

Con Dems scheme to abolish workers' rights begins today...Read More

30/08/13 UNISON members lobby Swansea Labour Council against swingeing pay cuts

Some council workers face losing their homes...Read More

28/08/13 Two more blows to Labour's South Wales Programme

More reason to reject the Welsh government's cuts programme for the NHS...Read More

26/08/13 South Wales Rail Franchise: Privatised & Confidential

Within the next two months the franchise ownership of the vital rail artery that links South Wales to London may change hands...Read More

22/08/13 Wales' Mid Staffs Crisis

There is a crisis in the Welsh NHS, and its epicentre is at the University of Wales Hospital in the Heath, Cardiff...Read More

21/08/13 Stop the coastguard cuts

Enjoying the beautiful Gower coastline is a lot more hazardous this year...Read More

19/08/13 KFC - Cleverer than most, but still using zero hour contracts

I started working for the fast food restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken around 9 months ago...Read More

18/08/13 Support the FBU - end scab recruitment

Fire authorities have been trying to recruit scab labour to undermine strike action by the FBU...Read More

16/08/13 An all too familiar tale...

A Welsh Labour Council attacks the trade union members who voted and campaigned for their election...Read More

02/08/13 Penyrheol by election - another step forward for TUSC

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition wins 10% of the vote...Read More

01/08/13 Caerphilly Council - shocking examples of spying on workers� private lives

Council wastes another �150,000 - this time spying on workers' private lives...Read More

30/07/13 Cardiff and Vale Health Board Blues

LHB sponsors rugby team to collect charity donations to fund services...Read More

23/07/13 Benefits shock: London family on state handouts avoids the benefit cap and bedroom tax

Royal birth deflects from campaigns to save maternity services across the UK...Read More

08/07/13 Lord Freud, food banks are not a lifestyle choice!

The cold cruelty of Tory ministers...Read More

06/07/13 65th Birthday of the NHS should be celebrated, but not with cuts

UNISON activists call for campaign to defend the Wales NHS...Read More

26/06/13 Welsh Education minister forced to resign for rank hypocrisy

Leighton Andrews' tainted legacy for Welsh education...Read More

25/06/13 Welsh Labour council to introduce zero hour contracts

Union activists call for action against exploitation...Read More

19/06/13 Option 5 plan launched to defend hospital services and re-instate closed A&Es

"Staying Alive With Option 5!"...Read More

17/06/13 Welsh Ambulance service crisis deepens

Worst ambulance response times in mainland UK...Read More

17/06/13 Ian Bosworth

The sad news reaches us today of the passing away of Ian Bosworth...Read More

17/06/13 A&E campaigners call for Option 5

Support grows for no-cuts option in hospital consultation...Read More

24/05/13 No cuts at Royal Glamorgan hospital!

Health campaigners call for a united campaign against the downgrading of services...Read More

23/05/13 Wales TUC - leadership fails to defend jobs and fight cuts

Delegates told to 'Keep Calm' and carry on with the cuts...Read More

17/05/13 Oppose cuts to our fire service

SKnight review calls for cuts to fire-fighters, fire stations and fire engines...Read More

12/05/13 Swansea Met students' union sets up food bank for students

Students go hungry as university bosses ask for poor to pay more...Read More

07/05/13 Union recommends pay cuts to members

Neath/Port Talbot employees forced to donate wages to council finances...Read More

30/04/13 Welsh Ambulance Service: we need to reverse the cuts not produce yet another report

Ambulance service in meltdown as cuts bite...Read More

29/04/13 Trades Unionist and Socialist Coalition Wales up and running

workers demand a real political alternative...Read More

20/04/13 Miners and mining communtities remembered, not Thatcher

Two Welsh accounts of the day of Thatcher's funeral...Read More

12/04/13 Swansea Anti-Cuts lobby council to protect people threatened by bedroom tax

Paying bedroom tax is not 'financially viable'...Read More

10/04/13 Measles outbreak puts children at risk across South Wales

Fraud, media frenzy and cuts to blame for epidemic spread...Read More

20/03/13 PCS members strike on budget day

Thousands take action to defend livelihoods and job security...Read More

18/03/13 New faces, same Welsh Labour NHS cuts

Cuts continue, but reshuffle shows Welsh Labour government on back foot...Read More

20/02/13 Construction workers demand public sector projects stick to national agreements

Demonstration at Cardiff incinerator site...Read More

16/02/13 Hundreds march in Caerphilly for A&E

March puts A&E campaign on the map...Read More

14/02/13 Splott Pool Saved?

Campaigners fighting to save Splott Pool in Cardiff have learned firsthand that standing up for yourself and your community can win results...Read More

10/02/13 Why we are marching for a doctor-led A&E at Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr hospital

Campaigner explains why the campaign for an A&E in Caerphilly borough is at the heart of the campaign to save the NHS...Read More

04/02/13 Labour council announces big cuts in Cardiff

�22million cuts will hit the working class hardest in the city...Read More

15/01/13 Campaign for A&E at Ystrad Fawr builds

Mass meeting calls for scrapping of the South Wales programme and for a march on February 16...Read More

12/01/13 Cardiff Protests Against Benefit Cuts

Over a hundred people braved the cold and rain last Saturday in Cardiff to protest against attempts to scapegoat benefit claimants for the economic crisis...Read More

18/12/12 Caerphilly council workers protest against bosses' pay hike

21% rise for the boss during pay freeze...Read More

30/11/12 Civil servants rally against government attacks

HMRC workers prove we are not 'all in this together...Read More

04/11/12 30/11/12 DVLA Swansea strike against cuts and privatisation

PCS defends jobs and services...Read More

04/11/12 Wales UNISON member calls for fight against council cuts

Bleak future for local government predicted by WLGA...Read More

30/10/12 Welsh Labour MPs abstain on masssive pension cuts

More 'muddy-cloured brown fluid' than 'clear red water'...Read More

30/10/12 More attacks on workers' conditions at Neath Port Talbot council

Labour council leaders come back for more cuts...Read More

15/10/12 Socialist Party Wales leader speaks at South African miners' press conference

Alec Thraves speaks at formation of a new strike committee...Read More

12/10/12 Wales threatened with a decade of austerity

Many council services to be cut by a half...Read More

01/10/12 First Cymru bus strike

Drivers and engineers strike for a pay rise without strings...Read More

22/09/12 Sparks protest against BAM in Cardiff

Solidarity with workers sacked in London...Read More

14/09/12 100 protest at HMRC nursery closure

So much for 'family-friendly' HMRC...Read More

13/09/12 Hillsborough - eventually, the truth

Police lies ripped apart by independent panel...Read more

11/09/12 TUC passes general strike motion

'Motion 5', in favour of a general strike passed...Read more

03/09/12 Anger at 'useless' A&E at Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr

Socialist Party campaigns for a proper A&E...Read More

02/09/12 Cardiff Mardi Gras protests against homophobia

Protest and politics feature this year...Read More

28/08/12 Cuts are disabling: protests against ATOS

"ATOS kills"...Read More

26/07/12 Remploy workers step up campaign - solid strike today

New action planned for August 6th...Read More

25/07/12 Protests at Olympic Games' opening event in Cardiff

Youth Fight For Jobs protest against corporate tax dodgers as police flood Cardiff...Read More

19/07/12 Remploy strike - solid defiance of Con Dem closure plans

"Save Remploy! Sack the Con-Dems!"...Read More

18/07/12 Remploy workers strike July 19 to keep factories open - Welsh government must take over factories

Welsh government must intervene to save factories instead of funding loss of jobs...Read More

18/07/12 Regional pay would cut �660 million from Welsh economy

Wales TUC study shows devastating effects...Read More

11/07/12 NHS 'Case for Change' exposed as 'Case for Cuts'

Longley report "discredited" - BMA...Read More

04/07/12 Remploy workers vote for strike action

Big majority for action to defend factories...Read More

04/07/12 Welsh Government opens door to privatisation of further education

And cap on university places shows failure of fees...Read More

30/06/12 Wales Shop Stewards Network conference prepares for action

Trade union reps call for a 24 hour general strike...Read More

22/06/12 Wales Shop Stewards Network conference, Saturday June 30

Trade union reps prepare for WSSN conference...Read More

26/05/12 Wales TUC conference - 'Unity' must be based on action

Right wing leaders fail to stifle debate...Read More

23/05/12 Hundreds lobby Senedd to defend Prince Philip's hospital

Thousands demand A&E stays in Llanelli...Read More

10/05/12 Public sector strike - workers stand firm

30,000 strike in Wales to defend pensions...Read More

04/05/12 Wales votes against austerity

Anti cuts tide washes away Con Dems, but will Labour oppose cuts?...Read More

20/04/12 Welsh Labour breaks student support promise

15% cutbacks to support for Wales' most disadvantaged students represents another broken promise by the Labour-run Welsh Government...Read More

20/03/12 PCS calls for one day united strike action to defend pensions

April action called for in civil service and education...Read More

20/03/12 A Grand Slam lift

Now for the Con Dems...Read More

18/03/12 Leanne Wood elected leader of Plaid

New turn to the left in Plaid...Read More

23/02/12 Total victory for UNITE electricians!

'Dirty seven' construction companies humbled by sparks...Read More

23/02/12 PCS strikes at EHR

Strike to stop cuts to the service...Read More

22/0/12 TUSC issues call for anti cuts candidates in Wales

"Fight the cuts at the ballot box"...Read More

18/02/12 Socialist Party Wales conference plans defiance to the cuts

A tale of two conferences...Read More

11/02/12 Hundreds march to save Prince Philip's A&E

Around 300 trade unionists, health workers, medical professionals and community campaigners marched through Llanelli to oppose the proposed closures at Prince Philip Hospital...Read More

1/02/12 Tax workers strike against privatisation

Strikers defy the cold to defend services....Read More

30/1/12 Unilever strike remains solid

Fitters walk out at Croespenmaen...Read More

23/1/12 Wales fall further behind UK economy

Trade union action needed to defend living standards and the Welsh economy...Read More

20/1/12 Solidarity Brings Victory for UCU over Victimisation at Coleg Harlech

Trade unionists were quick to respond to the victimisation of three activists in the University and College Union (UCU) this past week...Read More

20/1/12 Financial vultures kill Peacocks - the scandal of financial parasites destroying jobs

Bailed out bank pulls the plug on 249 job...Read More

14/1/12 Electricians' National Meeting Plans Next Steps

Electricians from South Wales travelled to Birmingham for a National meeting of Unite's Rank and File to discuss fighting the "Dirty Seven" Construction companies who are pulling out of the JIB agreement and threatening to make massive cuts to pay and deskill the workforce....Read More

10/1/12 UNISON members unhappy at pensions proposals

Concern at concessions to government...Read More

14/12/11 Sparks protest at Llandough

Construction electricians take part in national campaign against pay cuts...Read More

14/12/11 PCS promises fight to stop DVLA office closures

1200 jobs at risk...Read More

9/12/11 Croespenmaen Unilever workers strike to defend pensions...

Pot noodle mine grinds to a halt...Read More

7/12/11 Welsh construction electricians protest employers attacks

Llandough hospital construction site picketed by 50 workers...Read More

30/11/11 200,000 strike in Wales

Pickets out in force across Wales...Read More

29/11/11 Wales prepares for N30

Biggest strike since 1926 to defend pensions...Read More

21/11/11 Newport lobby of Dussmann UK in solidarity with striking German hospital workers...

Management react angrily...Read More

20/11/11 Occupy Cardiff pitches camp at UNITE office

South Wales Police foiled in attempt to break up peaceful protest...Read More

12/11/11 Occupy Cardiff peaceful protest camp forcibly broken up by police

Liberal/Plaid council invoke ancient by-law to crush peaceful dissent...Read More

11/11/11 Public opposition to Labour's Welsh hospital downgrading confirmed

59% oppose cuts to district general hospitals...Read More

22/10/11 1,000 march on Cardiff Hardest Hit demo

Tories welcomed by charities but not Remploy workers...Read More

20/10/11 10,000 public sector jobs lost in Wales and counting...

Welsh youth to join the Jarrow March For Jobs...Read More

14/10/11 Welsh Remploy workers vow to fight closures

Defend disabled workers, defend jobs...Read More

04/10/11 Welsh Draft Budget: more cuts

Education, NHS, environment biggest losers as Welsh Labour passes on ConDem cuts...Read More

19/09/11 Gleision colliery disaster - questions about safety

A South Wales NUM member comments on the decline of safety in private mines...Read More

16/09/11 Gleision colliery disaster

As tributes pour in questions asked about safety...Read More

14/09/11 Unemployment up in Wales

Enterprise zones doomed; invest in jobs, not business handouts...Read More

13/09/11 Carmarthenshire council workers' meetings reject divisive job evaluation

Fear and anger amongst council workers...Read More

11/09/11 Carmarthenshire County Council unions organise oppositon to divisive Job Evaluation

Many workers shocked by pay cuts on top of pay freeze...Read More

10/09/11 New Labour in denial about NHS cuts in Wales

Labour MPs and AMs bury their heads in the sand...Read More

18/08/11 For the sake of our kids

Shocking level of child poverty revealed in Swansea...Read More

06/08/11 Youth Fight For Jobs march reaches Cardiff

March from Merthyr gets a great reception in the capital...Read More

26/07/11 Invest in study, don't cut student visas

Says NUS International Students Committee...Read More

23/07/11 Campaign for Youth Fight For Jobs Merthyr-Cardiff march hits Ponty

Big support at Ponty's Big Weekend...Read More

22/07/11 Mass campaign growing to save Swansea coastguard station

'Storm' of opposition hits the ConDems...Read More

11/07/11 Royal Glamorgan A&E 'to close outside of office hours'

Massive health cuts in Wales start to bite...Read More

08/07/11 New report calls for public jobs programme in Wales

Investment, not cuts, needed to create jobs...Read More

06/07/11 Zurich cuts hundreds of jobs

Callous cut of 127 jobs in Wales...Read More

30/06/11 Massive public sector pension strike in Wales

Public sector workers show they will not accept pension cuts...Read More

28/06/11 Wide support for June 30th strike action

But Welsh Labour leaders refuse to support public sector strikes...Read More

17/06/11 Coleg Morgannwg: Victory over victimisation

UCU Wales president wins significant victory against anti-union employers...Read More

08/06/11 Carmarthenshire councillors ignore the rights of Noddfa Teilo Day users

Passionate speech by Rhian Barr fails to move Independent/Labour councillors...Read More

07/06/11 HMRC workers Strike Against Harrassment and Job Cuts

"They're getting ready to sack workers on the cheap," remarked one picket at Llanishen Tax Office as PCS members began strike action today...Read More

06/06/11 EHRC workers strike again against cuts

PCS members at the Equality and Human Rights Commission took their third period of strike action today...Read More

04/06/11 Cardiff "slutwalk" says there is NO excuse for rape

Socialist women demand a mass campaign against sexism and violence...Read More

01/06/11 Anger as another three Welsh universities to charge �27,000+ for a degree

How long will the Assembly subsidy to Welsh students last?...Read More

30/05/11 Welsh MPs� snouts back in the trough - this time its legal!

Alun Cairns pockets another pay out...Read More

28/05/11 Cardiff Topshop occupied against rich tax avoiders

Protest calls for an end to NHS cuts...Read More

27/05/11 Llandeilo Day Club members to fight closure "to the end"

Pensioners chain themselves to railings outside Noddfa Teilo Day Club...Read More

26/05/11 Coleg Morgannwg UCU members walk out against victimisation of union rep

UCU Wales president disciplined by college management...Read More

23/05/11 Newport Passport Office - campaign saves 150 jobs but fight goes on

Workers win concession but 150 jobs still under threat...Read More

06/05/11 Labour wins Assembly election

But real socialist alternative to cuts is needed...Read More

04/05/11 Cardiff mobilises against BNP

Griffin beats a hasty retreat...Read More

02/05/11 Campaigning on May Day and the Royal Wedding escape

Bright and busy bank holiday for Socialist Party Wales...Read More

23/04/11 Street ballot votes No to cuts

Socialist Assembly election campaign hits the streets of Swansea...Read More

18/04/11 Enthusiastic support for DWP call centres strike

Workers across wales come out...Read More

16/04/11 Workers in Wales demand action to defeat the cuts

Wales Shop Stewards Network anti cuts conference...Read More

02/04/11 Hundreds march against cuts in Bangor

Labour and Plaid fail to provide a lead...Read More

01/04/11 Don't Make History History at UWIC

UWIC students protested today against the latest round of savage cuts at the University...Read More

29/03/11 Visteon pensions protest at parliament

Pensioners demand that Ford honours its responsibility for pensions...Read More

28/03/11 TUSC launches election campaign

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition only campaign calling for no cuts...Read More

26/03/11 Thousands from Wales march in London in biggest trade union demo in British history

Co-ordinated action wins support...Read More

24/03/11 Great support for UCU strike

Hundreds of UCU members rally at the Senedd...Read More

23/03/11 Civil service union ballots members for action to improve services to the unemployed

PCS balloting Jobcentreplus Contact Centre workers...Read More

19/03/11 Outrage as RCT council announces budget surplus

Anger from council workers losing thousands of pounds from pay packets...Read More

19/03/11 Wales university lecturers' strike just the beginning

Report from UCU picket lines...Read More

14/03/11 Yahya Al Faifi wins asylum battle

Saudi trade unionist taking refuge in South Wales wins right to remain...Read More

05/03/11 Thousands march through Cardiff against the cuts

Trade union march shows mass opposition to Con Dem's austerity developing...Read More

04/03/11 Wales votes 'Yes'

But workers' party needed...Read More

01/03/11 Vote 'Yes' in the referendum

Defend public services against Con Dem/ Labour Plaid cuts...Read More

01/03/11 What use unions agreement with Welsh council bosses?

"Memorandum of Understanding" not worth the paper it is written on...Read More

28/02/11 Trade unionists and service users lobby Swansea council

No cuts to services or workers' pay and conditions...Read More

19/02/11 Rhondda Cynon Taff marches against the cuts

Over 400 trade unionists, community campaigners and young people marched in Pontypridd against a disgraceful attack by RCT council on its workers...Read More

18/02/11 Support Remploy workers

Disabled factory workers at Remploy, the government funded manufacturing company, are considering taking strike action to defend their jobs...Read More

15/02/11 UCU Wales meets to oppose cuts

Welsh lecturers organise as picture of cuts takes shape...Read More

15/2/11 Anger on Wrexham streets against the cuts

Wrexham socialists put a socialist alternative...Read More

14/02/11 TATA steelworks contract cleaners strike

Around 70 contract cleaners, working for OCS at the TATA Steelworks in Port Talbot, South Wales are taking part in 2 days of strike action in a dispute over pay....Read More

13/02/11 Egypt and Wales TUC - two new forms of protest!

While workers in Egypt fight for their rights the Wales TUC leadership says a demonstration agaisnt the ConDems in Cardiff is impossible...Read More

11/02/11 Defend Council Services in Cardiff

Cardiff Council says it wants public services "to move from a constricted building-based environment into a community setting." Translation - close care homes, leisure centres and other facilities and turf the residents, service-users and workers onto the street. ...Read More

08/02/11 Swansea council workers meet to discuss how to oppose cuts

A start that has to be built on...Read More

05/02/11 Primary School Wins Campaign Against Closure

2011 began with a victory for the parents and children of two primary schools in Cardiff. ...Read More

04/02/11 Cardiff Organises To Fight The Cuts

Workers from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) - whose planned closure would mean a cut of 80 jobs from the city - joined just over sixty trade unionists, students, pensioners, benefit claimants and community campaigners at the latest meeting of Cardiff Against The Cuts. ...Read More

04/02/11 Train cleaners strike against cowboy employers

Members of the RMT cleaners, servicing First Great Western Trains at Cardiff and Swansea are taking 24hour strike action today over wages and pension contributions by Mitie...Read More

03/02/11 Build-up for action begins at Cardiff University

UCU members meet with 700 jobs under threat...Read More

31/01/11 RCT council workers speak out against Labour council blackmail

Union leaders must call for decisive action...Read More

31/01/11 Visteon pensioners still fighting for their rights

On the very day that Ford Motor Company announced profits of $6.6billion after tax, Unite has launched legal action against the car giant in a bid to win back lost pensions for over 3,000 pensioners. ...Read More

30/01/11 RMT drivers to strike again over fair pay

RMT train drivers working for Arriva Trains Wales (ATW) are planning a second day of strike action this Friday, 4th February, as part of their campaign for fair pay...Read More

24/01/11 Newport Jobcentreplus Contact Centre strikers thanks trade unionists for support

Message from PCS DWP SE Wales branch ... Read More

20/01/11 DWP call centres strike solid

PCS members strike to defend conditions and service to claimants... Read More

18/01/11 Newport civil servants to strike at Jobcentreplus call centre on January 20th/21st

National call centre strike to improve working conditions and service to claimants... Read More

12/01/11 RMT drivers on Arriva Trains Wales to take further action on pay and conditions

Rail union RMT confirmed today that drivers on Arriva Trains Wales, who have voted overwhelmingly for strike action and action short of a strike in a dispute over pay and conditions, will take a second day of strike action on the 19th January... Read More

12/01/11 Cardiff campaign against incinerator takes battle to the courts

Cardiff Against the Incinerator has taken steps to launch a legal challenge against a waste incinerator planned for Splott... Read More

12/01/11 Demonstrate against the Cons and the Dems on March 5th

Cardiff Trades Union Council and Cardiff Against Cuts call demonstration at Tory and Liberal conferences on March 5... Read More

11/01/11 NSSN debate - the way forward for the anti-cuts movement

An article from the Socialist takes up some of the controversy around the NSSN conference against the cuts on January 22nd... Read More

11/01/11 Socialist Party Wales calls for "Yes" vote on March 3rd

Vote "Yes" to defend public services... Read More

10/01/11 - Axe falls on courses at UWIC

Students and educators must unite to fight the cuts.. Read More

27/12/10 - Arriva RMT drivers strike for parity

The valleys lines were closed today by a strike of RMT drivers against a scrooge employer... Read More

14/12/10 - Student fightback continues in Wales

Students continued to lead the fightback against attacks on education, with actions taking place this week at University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC) and Aberystwyth University. Read More

10/12/10 - TU 'Leaders' co-operating with destruction of members pay and conditions

Union leaders at Neath/Port Talbot council have agreed to big cuts... Read More

10/12/10 - What really happened at the student demonstration on December 9

A student from Cardiff University was demonstrating outside parliament yesterday. Here is his eyewitness account... Read More

13/8/10 - Socialists Join Fight Against Sexist Restaurant

Members of the Socialist Party took part in a protest organised by the Cardiff Feminist Network on August 11th, against the plan to open a Hooters restaurant inside a large complex near the centre of the city... Read More

10/8/10 - Swansea Trades Council Leads Battle for Services

"Everybody uses public services and the fight to retain these services is a fight for all trade unionists and for the entire community." Rob Williams, Linamar Unite convenor and Swansea trades council assistant secretary, was among the delegates to Swansea trades council who decided to launch an anti-cuts campaign... Read More

10/8/10 - Stop the Cardiff Incinerator

Nearly 100 local residents and campaigners turned out at the end of July to lobby the Environment Agency (EA) against granting environmental permission to waste management company Viridor's proposed Cardiff incinerator. Cardiff Stop the Incinerator (CSI) lobbied the Environment Agency for five hours, asking probing questions which showed deep flaws in their draft decision... Read More

24/7/10 - Swansea Trades Council to Launch Swansea Anti-Cuts Campaign

On Wednesday 21st July delegates to Swansea Trades Council decided to launch a campaign to defend public sector jobs and the important services that public sector workers provide. The campaign will aim to bring together public sector trade unionists together with workers in the private sector and everybody interested in fighting to retain important services in their community... Read More

15/7/10 - Fire Service Cuts Threaten Lives

"It shows how far they'll go in making these cuts - they're willing to put our lives at risk. All the rich mates of these politicians have to do is whistle and they get handed billions of pounds of our money and then they tell us there's not enough left to run emergency services!" This was the response of one person who signed the Socialist Party's petition against cuts in the fire service planned for South Wales... Read More

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