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Unison vows to fight £31m cuts by Carmarthenshire Plaid council

Carmarthenshire Unison branch has attacked the decision of Plaid-led Carmarthenshire County Council to impose £31 million cuts on the county. Mark Evans, secretary of the Carmarthenshire Unison, also slammed the sham consultation that Carmarthenshire and other councils are employing. Speaking to the Western Mail Evans said: “This is a sham consultation where most of the decisions have already been made ...

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Brum bin workers great victory against Blairite Labour council

By Ian Leech and Clive Walder, Birmingham Socialist Party The Socialist Party salutes the marvellous campaign of Birmingham’s bin workers. Birmingham council have backed down in their battle with the city’s bin workers on the eve of a High Court hearing to determine whether their 106 threatened redundancies were lawful. The council have agreed to withdraw the redundancies and give the ...

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Tories on the brink – kick them out!

By Clare Laker-Mansfield Division, scandal and crisis: these are the most striking features of Theresa May’s government today. If faced with mass protest by workers and youth – this shambolic Tory regime could be forced from power. Indeed, they could be pressed into calling a general election at any moment. Our movement must therefore go on the offensive. On 15 ...

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Robber barons own $6trn

Take the wealth off the 1% Come to Socialism 2017! By Andrew Carss, The Socialist November 2 2017 The combined wealth of the world’s billionaires has now reached an eye-watering $6 trillion. Up by nearly a fifth from last year, vast profits wringed from the workers of the world are concentrated in ever fewer hands. The most powerful force in ...

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Socialists must back Catalan struggle for self-determination

Editorial from The Socialist by Tony Saunois (Committee For A Workers International – CWI) The dramatic events that have shaken Catalonia and the Spanish state have national and international implications. The decision of the Spanish government – led by the right-wing PP government under Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy – to implement Article 155 of the constitution and end the autonomy ...

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Anti-Austerity Rally in Haverforwest

By Dave Warren (Llanelli and West Wales Socialist Party) Haverfordwest is a small market town in South West Wales and in the marginal Preseli Pembrokeshire constituency of Tory MP and former Secretary of State for Wales Stephen Crabb. On Saturday 14th October, Castle Square in the town centre was packed with around 300 people attending an anti-austerity rally organised by ...

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