12/09/14 Cabinet coup but no change in policy from Swansea Labour

Whatever the coup was about in Swansea Council's ruling Labour Group that saw David Phillips replaced by Rob Stewart, we can be sure that it wasn't about politics...Read More

08/09/14 NATO out of Newport!

Fund public services not warmongering...Read More

04/09/14 Fight the Cuts to Leisure Services!

Against the backdrop of up to £120 million of cuts, Cardiff Council is threatening massive cuts to leisure services in the south of Cardiff....Read More

29/08/14 New face, same.. Labour Council Leader resigns

Swansea has woken this morning to the news that Councillor David Phillips has resigned from the position of Labour Group and Council Leader....Read More

Socialism 2014

A weekend of discussion and debate

November 8-9 2014

Featuring Seattle socialist councillor Kshama Sawant

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